More “Christian” Hypocrisy

One of my netfriends gave a list of some "Christians" who aren’t very Christian.  Why is it that these anti-gay sites are picking up news like this? How about it Peter LaBarbera–maybe you can discuss some of your fellow "christians" and their disgusting sexual practices and whom are breaking the law:

  • Gerald Klever, former assistant of First Prebyterian Church in Springfield, Pennsylvania was arrested this week in Arizona on charges of having sexually assaulted teen girls nearly thirty years ago.
  • A jury found Jeremy Shane Hall, former pastor of Christ Church Of New Beginnings, guilty of sexually abusing a thirteen year old female parishioner.
  • An eighty nine year old Ontario pastor actively involved in the Baptist Church has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulted a young teen girl during the late 1980’s.
  • Willie Arnold, pastor of the Church of God and Christ in Queen City, Texas, has been arrested, charged with having a sexual relationship with a thirteen year old girl.
  • The Reverand George Chaanine, a Roman Catholic priest who is accused of beating, groping and choking a soloist at his Las Vegas church was arrested Thursday in Arizona.

How many of these "christians" have actively worked against gays and lesbians and their rights?  How many of them have called gays and lesbians abominations?  A guess?  All of them…

As usual, I give the following caveat–this is not meant to be directed at my Christian friends and family.  I know they are good people.  When I put quotes around something, as I did here with "christian" or with "ex-gay" it means I don’t believe they are who they say they are. 

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