More about Dobson and his Lies

Today, Wayne Besen and his group Truth Wins Out released a video of yet another researcher who is appalled at James Dobson and his misuse of science when he wrote his Time article.  The video is by Dr. Kyle Pruett, a professor of child psychiatry at Yale University. 

Dr. Pruett made the video to respond to Dobson, who apparently has refused to discuss the problems that Dr. Pruett had with his cherry-picking of Dr. Pruett’s research and to initiate a dialogue.  However, Dobson did write back to Dr. Pruett and according to the video:


But he called my request preposterous. He called me a homosexual activist. I’m not sure what that is. Maybe I am and maybe I’m not, but dialog is how you get things understood, not name-calling. I learned that in church too.

How much longer will these people like Dobson be able to spout their lies?  It is news and video like this that needs to be spread far and wide.  Dobson, who seems to think he is a great leader and people listen to him, is a fake and a liar.  His distortions are ruining people’s lives, or at least making their lives very difficult.  It is time for all of us to call people like Dobson out. 

Here is the video:



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