Grammys and the Dixie Chicks

I blogged quite a while ago about the Dixie Chicks and their new album, and especially their new song, Not Ready to Make Nice.  Last night my mom sent me two emails telling me that the Dixie Chicks won five Grammys, including Best Song.  I’m really happy for them.  And I still love that song.  Here it is:


I see it didn’t take very long for some crazy fundamentalists to complain about the Dixie Chicks (this is from a guy named George Archibald, who I had never heard of before the other day when Peter LaBarbera gave a link…):

The musical entertainers and producers of America, and their fans, got royally disrespected by the blatant political bias of the Grammy 2007 organization, which gave five top awards on their globally televised show — including best album of the year -– to the highly-politicized anti-Bush administration and anti-war-on-terrorism trio called Dixie Chicks.

These awards on Sunday, February 11, were a blatant pacifist political statement by the 11,000 performance artists and others who voted for these Grammy awards — as the Dixie Chicks themselves acknowledged when they accepted their fifth award for their album titled “Taking the Long Way,” voted as best album of the year.

 And the guy who stated this STILL thinks there are weapons of mass destruction is Iraq!:

We know the history of this singing trio. Before President Bush and America’s allies decided to take out dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq, because of Hussein’s refusal to comply with United Nations demands regarding weapons of mass destruction that he had amassed, the Dixie Chicks used their entertainment stages to launch their own attack against President Bush and the imminent Iraq invasion.

Kind of funny we have been in that country for years now and still not a SINGLE WMD has been found…

He also states:

This was an obscene political gesture by the Grammy organization — and a great insult to other great musical artists and producers and people of this country who buy records and are fans of much better musicians and recording artists.

Well, this wasn’t an insult to me!  🙂

He ends his little diatribe with this:

So the culture war, and efforts against our American government’s decision to fight global terror, stem weapons of mass destruction in the hands of tyrants and nuclear proliferation is very real in Hollywood and the music industry, by their own admission.

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