This story is why I don’t think I could foster children… is reporting today about a gay couple who fostered a baby who, when they received him, was 4 months old, weighed 4.5 pounds (!), was HIV positive and addicted to crack.  So what happened?  The court sent out three policemen and a social service worker to collect the now 8 month old because his grandmother, who didn’t want the baby in the first place, wants him back because the couple is gay.

It doesn’t matter that he is now 20 pounds and healthy.  It doesn’t matter that they took him in when NO ONE IN THAT F***ING FAMILY WANTED HIM, it only matters that the people who saved him were gay, and that was enough to put him back with his ‘family.’

In Florida it is o.k. if gay couples take in unwanted children, but it is against the law from them to adopt.  So they can save the ‘refuse’ from death, but they can’t nurture these children into adulthood?  This reminds me of our good friends in Michigan, Steve and Sara.  They became foster parents to two kids, one 8 months and the other two years.  Their mother was a prostitute and addicted to crack.  No one knew who the father was.  After staying with Sara and Steve for over a year, the court continually tried to put them back in with their ‘mother’ and it continually failed.  She was arrested numerous times for prostitution.  Finally, Sara and Steve decided to adopt both of them, but this did not come without a fight.  From out of the the blue, some loser showed up from Colorado saying he wanted Jason (the youngest) because he was his dad.  Did it matter to the court that this loser had had his other kids taken away from him?  Nope, because his mother wanted to raise Jason.  After a few very stressful months, the blood tests came back that this loser was not his father and Jason and Mandy are now healthy and happy teenagers.  The court was only interested in placing these kids back with their ‘blood’ relatives, regardless of the circumstances. 

Of course, this is slightly different for this hero gay couple.  They were used, plain and simple by the court to temporarily save this baby. Now it has gone back into the same family that didn’t want him in the first place.  How long will it be before the court begs this couple to take back this ‘unwanted’ baby?

I couldn’t go through that.

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