Maine and civil rights

Peter LaBarbera, a couple of days ago, called Mike Heath of Maine a:

"bona fide hero in the fight against “gay” activism and the normalization of homosexuality in the United States."

Well, he might be a hero to LaBarbera who has had no luck with changing laws, but Heath really isn’t a hero at all.  He is pretty sad, if you ask me.  A couple of days ago he wrote an article at The Christian Civil League Record titled "All Over but the Shouting."

It is all about his whining that people are actually starting to treat each other equally, and he has failed in his job to get people to discriminate against gays and lesbians.  Poor baby.  I feel sorry for him.  Someone should have told him that hate never feels good and it never wins in the end. 

He needs to be re-educated or maybe just educated.  He keeps calling the idea of gay marriage ‘sodomy-based marriage.’  Of course, what Heath knows and probably can’t admit is that sodomy is a straight trait as well.  I hate quoting a dictionary, but someone needs to let Heath and LaBarbera know the actual definition of what he is claiming to be a gay thing (and by a definition it is):


1.anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex.

2. copulation with a member of the same sex.

So what Heath is calling sodomy marriage is actually straight marriage as well.  It is little wonder that his message has fallen on deaf ears, since anyone with two brain cells knows that sodomy can and does describe straight sex (in some cases).  I wonder if he knows that anal sex between men and women was outlawed for a long time–that is what sodomy is as well.

He states too:

They [those nasty homosexuals] are master manipulators, bobbing and weaving with their words and phrases. It’s amazing to most of us that the Harvards and Yales have fallen for this tripe hook, line and sinker.

Well, at least those Harvards and Yales know what words mean…

At least he is man enough to admit he is losing and his life’s work is about to go down the toilet:

Oh, I’m sorry for sounding so cynical. I’ve got to tell you, however, that there is nothing standing in their way now. I honestly don’t understand why they can’t just get it over with and pass their silly law so they can accelerate the decline of the traditional family here in Maine.

And then he shows that he is not really a man, but a coward when he states this:

Maybe the Nascar crowd will wake up and we can be done with the homosexualization of Maine, especially of our kids and grandkids. I’m not holding my breath.

What he really means is that maybe the ruffian ‘christians’ will start beating those nasty homosexuals up, and treating them like the unholy sin they really are. Luckily there aren’t very many of these Nascar types in Maine, except of course for Heath, but he can see is message is losing.  He can also see that the purpose for his non-profit is about to dry up, along with the funds that fund his own lifestyle.

He also states:

It will be fascinating to watch the elephants of Roman Catholicism and homosexuality dance here in Maine … fight I mean.  You know what they say about elephants dancing.  It’s best to stay out of their way, otherwise you might get trampled underfoot.

No, I think he should stand your ground.  He’s created these elephants and now they are loose.  Be a man and stand up to those dancing elephants.  See where it gets you…

What a bitter, bitter man.  Here is his last little hissy fit of violent language:

I’ll keep polishing my stones and looking for the right time and place to unleash them on this pink Goliath.  I know the people are with me in their hearts because if they weren’t then they wouldn’t be reasonable, happy and full of common sense. Maine people really are gay!

Oh yes, as if he were David fighting Goliath.  Sorry Heath. Your day in the spotlight, which you helped to create, is now over.  Go back to your cave.  Get a real job.   Like others, he runs a non-profit.  It is a puny thing, only bringing in a little over $380,000, with him taking about 20% of it for his own salary.  I swear, very soon I am going to start my own non-profit!


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