Matt Barber–a Concerned Woman of American

Matt Barber, the policy director for the conservative group Concerned Women of America, has said some things that need to be highlighted (by the way, can’t the CWofA have a female policy director???).

At first the news sounded good–Matt Barber came out and condemned the homohatred found in the comments of the NBA player Tim Hardaway.  Barber states:

"Hardaway’s comments are both unfortunate and inappropriate.  They provide political fodder for those who wish to paint all opposition to the homosexual lifestyle as being rooted in ‘hate.’"

My first thought was wow, what a change from the CWA.  But then he kept speaking and his statements are just as bad as Hardaway.  Here they are:


"It’s perfectly natural for people to be repelled by disordered sexual behaviors that are both unnatural, and immoral."

"All too often those behaviors are accompanied by serious physical, emotional, and spiritual pitfalls.  However, the appropriate reaction is to respond with words and acts of love, not words of hate.  Jesus Christ offers forgiveness and freedom for all sinners, and that is the heart of the Gospel message.

Hardaway’s comments only serve to foment misperceptions of widespread homosexual ‘victimhood’ which the homosexual lobby has craftily manufactured."

Let’s look at a couple of issues here.  For one, Barber thinks it is natural that people are repelled by actions that are unnatural and immoral.  Sorry Miss Barber, this only occurs when one is taught that a behavior is unnatural and immoral.  People like Barber teach this, and luckily there are many people out there who won’t fall for shit that this Concerned woman of America teaches.  Besides, how natural is it that a man is the policy director for a women’s group?  I mean, really…

And what part of his speech is filled with love?  Does Miss Barber have a brain in that pretty little head of his?  Well, he isn’t very pretty, so strike that…

What an idiot Miss Barber is.  And I know, I shouldn’t revert to namecalling, but hey, if a man can be the policy spokesman for a women’s group, then doesn’t he deserve what he gets?  And if a man who runs a women’s organization can call me unnatural and immoral, then sure as hell I can call him Miss Barber.  Well, not really, but right now I don’t care. 

Finally, how exactly is getting bashed, whether physically or mentally, a misperception what gays and lesbians have manufactured? 

I can’t believe a bunch of women actually want someone like Barber to speak for them, when it is clear he can’t formulate ideas coherently.  If I were them, I’d dump him.  Of course, I’m not a woman, so I wouldn’t belong to the Concerned Women of America, now would I?


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