Our 15th Anniversary Party

Our real anniversary date was Feb. 14.  Instead of going away this year (which would have been impossible with Doug’s work) we decided to throw a big anniversary party on Saturday evening.  I think we will have about 30 people coming, so it should be fun.

I’ve decided to cook a bunch of things.  I hope people come a bit hungry!


Dim Sum (from Chinatown which we will pick up Saturday afternoon)

Meatballs (which we both love and thought would be fun to have–I’m not making them, however!)

Parmesan cheese crisps

Chips and Dip

Mexican Chocolate Tart (Bon Appetit Feb. 2007, p. 113)

Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake

Caramel Apple Upside-down cake (BA, Feb. 2007, p. 34)


I also went out and got some martini glasses so I can make people cosmos.  We rarely drink anything, so it was a bit strange to spend money on alcohol, but this should be fun to do.

Luckily we have friends who like to cook too, so I will be able to borrow some springform pans and serving platters.  I used to have a large cheesecake springform pan, but every time I made it, we would have a ton of it to eat, so I ended up getting a smaller one.  But it is too small for a crowd. 

I figure I would start cooking a bit on Thursday and then spend all day cooking on Friday.  I’ll make the sushi on Saturday.  Harvey and I are going out to Costco so I can pick up some things, and hopefully this will be the last trip to the store!

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