What Makes Peter LaBarbera Such an Expert on All Things Gay?

I noticed on a friend’s blog that Peter LaBarbera actually wrote something of his own on his non-profit website, so I figured I would read it.  Big mistake.  Well, not really a big mistake, but it gives me a chance to point out what kind of person P. LaBarbera really is and how he thinks.

1)  His entry is titled It’s O.K. to be "Anti-Gay," as long as you don’t hate People."  To start it off, he shows a picture of Ellen DeGeneres, and states that she was molested as a teenager by her stepdad.  He wonders she is born gay.  P. LaBarbera must have forgotten what has been said in the past–these fundamentalists are always saying that gay men are sexually abused by men and women by women.  So why would being abused by a man make Ellen a lesbian?  Oh boy…Oh I get it–she was so repulsed by him that she became a lesbian.  Then how does this logic work with boys who are abused by men?  They become straight?  Not according to fundamentalists.  It just doesn’t make sense and this is just another symptom of their confused minds. 

2)  "“Gay” is not an unchangeable trait like skin color and it has a moral component – unlike being left-handed or having blue eyes (to name two spurious analogies used by homosexual activists).""  So how does P. LaBarbera know this?  By his own account, the person who started AFTAH "became" straight, but then has had numerous flips back into the state of gayness.  The original founder is now claiming to be straight once again.  The only way for LaBarbera to know that gay is changeable is for him to have experienced it himself.  He doesn’t know any ex-gays because there are none.

3)  He has the nerve to mention Gary Glenn, the guy who got into trouble with the Federal Election Commission for doing all sorts of sordid things with money and elections.  Gary Glenn certainly hasn’t changed…

4) "Nobody “happens to be gay,” either (another “gay” shibboleth). Environment plays a big role."  Well Peter LaBarbera, if you can give some real scientific proof, then maybe you can gain some credibility back.  But his "proof" is the same proof that Dobson tried to use and was slapped down.   

5) "It is shameful to practice homosexuality, not to oppose it."  Well, I guess the only way Peter can know it is shameful or not is for him to experience it.  And in no way possible is it shameful.  What is really shameful is for Peter to devote his entire adult life proving that he is somehow straight.  There can be no other reason for his behavior.  What is shameful is when some people believe what he says.  What is shameful is when gay people are talked and pushed back into the closet.

6) "I find myself wondering more and more if Christians can lead in this Culture War."  Wonder no longer, Peter, because the answer is that they can’t.  They’ve proven they are good at scare tactics and lies and misconceptions, but true leadership?  No. 

7) "Nature and human anatomy discriminate against homosexuality…"  Sorry Peter. This is more fake science.  Nature discriminates?  If so, then why did nature put us here?  Anatomy discriminates?  Maybe someone should tell Peter that his wee-wee has a couple of different functions.  Does that mean that human anatomy discriminates?  Or how about when a woman or a man is infertile?  Is that discrimination?  Give me a break…

Anyway, there is lots more he had to say, but it is pretty tiring writing against it.  He has spent his entire adult life fighting gays and lesbians, and luckily for him, that can be treated and changed.  He can settle down into a normal life and stop living off these endless non-profit schemes. 


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