I woke up about 6 am worrying about gay and lesbian families that are in Michigan and those that are in Kentucky.  Michigan’s State Appeals Court recently said that state universities cannot offer gay and lesbian partner’s and their families any type of benefits.  There is a bill that will almost certainly pass in Kentucky which would do the same thing.  I think this has to be one of the cruelest things I have ever heard and I guess I worry because at some point it could happen to us.  And to think that a university would take Doug off my insurance would be enough for me to tell them to get screwed. 

I was worrying that I wasn’t doing enough to combat this hate–and there can be no other word for it.  This is nothing but punishment.  It is punishing those gays and lesbians that are brave enough to openly declare their love for their partners.  If we can’t be shoved back in the closet by these homohaters, then we will have to pay what they think are consequences.

What can be done about it?  Surely the universities will be fighting back.  There is no state school in the country that gets ALL of its money from the state.  That is simply because students pay tuition.  So how can a university bow down to state hate when it doesn’t receive 100% of its funds from the state?  I guess I don’t understand that.

What else can be done? I think it is time to have some graphic commercials showing what will happen when partners and family are cut off from health insurance.  We have all seen the graphic drink-while-driving commercials. How about showing a grieving gay family at a cemetery standing at the tombstone of their daughter, who died while uninsured because of the state and its hateful voters?  How about showing smiling politicians next to homeless gay families who fell behind in their insurance payments that they suddenly had to make because of the hateful state and its hateful voters?  How about showing smiling politicians standing on top of dead children to show what will happen if the state gets its way?

I see nothing wrong with showing the truth.  Of course, people still drink and drive despite seeing graphic images, but something more has to be done.

And I suppose I work up worrying about these people because I received yet another awful email alert from the "American" "Family" Association, which I will blog about next. 


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