The Party

We had a nice 15 year Anniversary Party last night.  About 25 people came.  Now we have tons of leftover food and drink–but most of it was eaten, so that’s good.  However, we have lots of coke, 7-Up and beer left.  Ugh.  We really don’t drink any of that.  I guess we’ll just put them in the storage room and wait for the next party!

We got to bed around 2am and got up around 9.  It felt way too early for me, and both of us have been dragging all day.  I think it will be an early night tonight!

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2 Responses to The Party

  1. elizabeth says:

    Ah but ….isnt it worth  "Dragging your feet " the next day knowing you had a great night the night before  ;)Oh and you sleep like a so called" baby " the next night …why they say sleep like a baby  all the time beats me since they never seem to sleep all through the night when little anyways  lol Sounds like you had a lovely Party , glad to hear , Oh and coke goes flat after awhile lol so  start planning for the next party ;)Take Care and have fun  Tink

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks Tink!  I\’ll remember your tip about the Coke!  I\’ve already started to scheme about who I can drop off all this extra stuff on!  I think I will deliver some dessert when I return the borrowed springform pans!

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