The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Last night I watched the Discover Channel’ The Lost Tomb of Jesus.  I thought it was an interesting show.  It was certainly put together really well.  Could it be the tomb of the family of Jesus?  I don’t know.  I’m not an archaeologist nor an epigrapher. 

I did like how they found the tomb at the end and I really liked when they put the camera down into the other tomb and found it undisturbed with ossuaries still sitting there.

There were some questions I had during the show.  They do genetic testing to compare the material found in the tomb of Jesus and Mary, and find they are not related maternally.  O.k., but I was expecting genetic testing on the so-called brothers of Jesus.  The filmmaker said there was no obvious material to perform the tests.  That is too bad.  Hopefully they will find some.

The name of Mary was written in Greek.  I thought that was a bit odd, considering the rest were written in Hebrew.  The film said that was because people believe Mary was Greek-speaking and therefore her name would have been written in Greek.

There were also lots of obvious cracks on the surfaces of the boxes.  These were never explained.

Some of the names on the boxes were either written in a style called graffiti (as on scholar puts it) which means it was pretty sloppy.  But others were written in a very clear handwriting.  I suppose that isn’t all that unusual since there is no reason to presume that the same person would write the names on all of the boxes.

I didn’t think that the hour long discussion at the end lended anything one way or the other.  Ted Koppel only seemed to have one strategy–to show a bit of the film, then give an excerpt from one of the experts who claimed his words had been taken out of context.  But to me I never saw how the words were taken out of context.

There was also another scholar there who claimed that in people in the first century who were Jews believed in the bodily resurrection.  That is totally wrong.  The Sadducees did not believe in bodily resurrection.  And bodily resurrection of Jesus has always fascinated me.  If he was taken up into heaven with a real physical body, that must mean that heaven is a physical place, and not an immaterial place.  A real body must have a real seat to sit on, and so on.  If heaven is a real physical place, it must be located somewhere.  If it is located somewhere, then we can find it.  I find this a bit unlikely, but then again, who really knows?

Anyway, I thought it was a good show.  The conservatives are having fits over it.  And more than likely they didn’t see the show.

Unfortunately the History Channel also had a good show on called The Dark Ages.  I was flipping back and forth between commercials. 


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