The Barbarians on the History Channel

As I was watching the Lost Tomb of Jesus the other night, I kept flipping back and forth to the History Channel to watch The Dark Ages.  During the commercials for that, I saw ads for a show called the Barbarians II

I watched one in the series last night on the Huns and it was pretty good.  My only complaint is that they occasionally would say the name of an emperor, say Theodosius, but not give which Theodosius they were referring to.  What they should have said was Theodosius II and Valentinian III instead of just giving their names without the number. 

In the past I have tended to not like the recreations, but I see that has now become a necessary part to these history shows.  Oh well.  Anyway, the show was pretty good.  Tonight is the show on the Saxons, tomorrow the Franks and then the Lombards, and on Sunday shows on the Vandals and the Goths.

I am almost tempted to buy the DVDs for it.  I can see how they would be useful in the classroom.


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