Ann Coulter and Faggots

Now I wasn’t going to blog about Ann Coulter.  But people have been emailing me about it.  She is a person that makes her living by trying to make other people’s lives miserable.  Just the other day she called presidential hopeful John Edwards a faggot.  Here is the video.  And just listen to the audience.  They at first boo, but then clap. 

Now who in their right minds today think that calling anyone a faggot is acceptable?  Probably the same people who think it is acceptable to call a black person a nigger.  Last year Ann Coulter, at this very meeting of ‘conservatists’ called Iranian Muslims ‘ragheads.’  This woman thrives on confrontation.  To their credit, and number of conservatives have distanced themselves from her and companies are pulling their advertising from her site. 

But not all disagree.

This is what the Concerned Women For America had to say (written by Matt Barber–why didn’t a woman write about this?  Do they have women who can write there?).  The title of his little essay is Did Ann Coulter Say ‘Bag it?’

Here is part of what he had to say:


Never mind that those in the "gay community" throw the word "faggot" around as a term of endearment for one another as frequently as Hillary Clinton changes her accent and in much the same manner as black "gangsta-rappers" break out the "N-word." And never mind that the left constantly redefines that which is or is not a "permissible" moniker for those engaged in the homosexual lifestyle (one day "queer" is bad, and the next day "queer" is good. In fact, the latest from the PC police is that it’s now "hateful" to call a homosexual a "homosexual" – go-figure. They prefer that innocuous, cutsie and happy-go-fluffy little term "gay" if you please.)


…Now, don’t misunderstand; Coulter’s comments lacked civility to be sure and were entirely inappropriate. Some compare her use of the word "faggot" to use of the "N-word."

However, it would seem that African-Americans, who have truly experienced grave and systematic injustice over the years while struggling to obtain certain civil rights to which they were denied, might rightfully be offended by such a spurious comparison.

Most African-Americans are a little more than annoyed by the fact that the militant homosexual lobby has so artfully hijacked the rhetoric of genuine civil rights. That rhetoric has been cynically misapplied to the homosexual agenda, which includes mandated moral relativism, social androgyny and not just full acceptance, but celebration of a pleasure-based, sexually deviant lifestyle.

Equating the black community’s struggle for civil rights to homosexual activists’ struggle for special rights is a disingenuous parallel. By comparison, homosexuality is rooted in disordered, unhealthy and changeable behaviors that have – prior to the onset of social post-modernism – been considered both immoral and repulsive. Being black is rooted in, well, being black.

Rather than equating the word "faggot" to the "N-word," perhaps a more accurate correlation lies between the word "faggot" and other behaviorally derived derogatory terms such as "slut" or "whore." In referencing an adulterer as a "slut" or a "whore" for that person’s lifestyle choices, one voices disagreement with certain behaviors (infidelity or promiscuity) historically frowned upon by society.

But in either case, use of such disparaging words is coarse, unnecessary and counterproductive. One can express legitimate disagreement with lifestyle choices, which run counter to traditional norms and mores of society, without reverting to the use of such nasty language.

…So, while making her inflammatory comments, perhaps Coulter – in her own less than glorious way – intended not only to question John Edwards’ political machismo but to suggest that America’s self-appointed thought police stop trying to force those who dare to violate their politically correct word-code into Orwellian, re-education "rehab" camps. When Coulter spoke last Friday, everyone heard the word "faggot." But if you take her words – abrasive as they were – in their full context, she was apparently just telling the left to back off and "bag it."

You can go read the entire piece of crap at the link above.  Notice one thing about this–they really don’t like the word faggot compared to nigger.  Nigger is a bad word for the Concerned Women For America, but faggot is not.  After all, faggots chose their bad lifestyles, so they get exactly what they deserve…



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2 Responses to Ann Coulter and Faggots

  1. Daniel says:

    If you do not want to be called a faggot then I would suggest you not choose the perverted lifestyle of being a perverted homosexual.

  2. Kevin says:

    DHard3006–what a coward you are. I see you didn\’t even have the courage to leave an email address.  Poor thing.  But I see you have left tracks all over the internet…And I have to wonder about someone who picks a name like DHard3006 and then calls me a perverted homosexual!  🙂

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