Good News, Bad News from

First the good news–a bill in the Kentucky state government that would have prohibited universities from giving benefits to domestic partners has failed.  The vote was a tie, which is considered a failure.  Of course, the people who support it say they will just keep trying until it passes.

The thing that really pisses me off on all of this is that the universities are not paying the insurance of these partners–it only allows the partner who is working at the university to pay the premiums to get insurance.  Nice.  I still think they should show sick and dead babies next to these so-called legislators with a message about what happens if people cannot get access to health care.

The bad news:  our government has cut off funding for AIDS drugs to Puerto Rico.  It sounds like there were some problems in administration, but it is pretty horrible to think about all those people who now have no medicine.  Does our government cut off funds to parts of the government that are probably doing illegal things?  If that were the case, the White House would be looking pretty shabby by now…

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