Stacy Harp Implies SoulForce damaged their own bus!

I just read one of my usual reads (NG Blog) and noticed that Stacy Harp, who is someone I haven’t mentioned in a while, is implying that the writing on the SoulForce bus was done by SoulForce for publicity.

Here are some bits and pieces of her comments:

And considering the past has shown us that some lesbians and homosexuals like to be victims of their own crimes, well, as is documented in The Criminalization of Christianity, who is to say that it wasn’t someone from the homosexual community that vandalized the bus?

Now let’s consider this from another angle – what if it turns out that the bus being vandalized was actually done by members of Soulforce?

Since this little protesting event is a very very very small story and essentially no one in the media is covering it, it’s it convenient to actually have this vandalism act take place on the FIRST day of the event?

Also, it stands to reason that if indeed it was actual members of Soulforce who did the dirty deed, what better way to get some media publicity. After all, they were the “victims” of a “hate crime” and so someone in the media has to report on it.

So here is what the “facts” tell us – there is no evidence it was Christian fundamentalists and there is no evidence it was anyone from Soulforce.

However, Soulforce is the only one who gains anything with this story – so you make your own conclusion.

I don’t even want to comment on such things–but I will.  It is like saying that members of SoulForce are also dressing up like policemen and policewomen and arresting themselves to get attention.  It is like saying that they set up a fake Christian college and got some fake Christians to come out and harass them just so they could get some attention.  Give me a break. 


The sad thing about this is that Stacy claims that she is being harassed by a ‘gay blogger.’  Now using her reasoning, where is the evidence that she is not sending these emails to herself?  Could she be Graham Kaye?  Is she really being threatened, or making this up?  Who gains from this type of story? No one but Stacy. 

See how that kind of logic works?


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