How Do You Spell Hypocrisy? N-e-w-t

I can’t stand Newt Gingrich.  There was always something slimy about him and now everyone knows what that was.  As he was touting his family values, his own family values were absent.  Now he has come out and said that while he was pursuing Pres. Clinton, he was having a little affair all of his own.

But now he has asked God’s forgiveness, and apparently God has forgiven him, since Jerry Falwell as, and we all know that Falwell speaks for God. 

So what kind of family values does Newt have?  Let’s see–he has been married three times.  Sounds like a good family values man.  He also resigned from Congress when the heat was put on him and was reprimanded by the House Ethics panel.  What a disgrace.

But now Newt Gingrich is back since he sniffs an opportunity to run for the president.  I told Doug that if he becomes president, we are moving out.  Paris, Sydney–I don’t care.  And the thought that people would vote for someone like him is just plain old disgusting.  I’ve pointed out many times where Jesus does not allow divorce and I’ve also pointed out that God hates divorce.  I guess he really doesn’t because Falwell says that God forgives…

And here is another hypocrite–John McCain.  He has been divorced once and is now courting the fundamentalist crowd.  He states:  "I would hope that gossip — or quote, ‘ family issues’ –would not enter into this campaign.’

Do these people really think about what they are saying before they said it?  So McCain doesn’t want his family issues brought up, but that doesn’t stop him for a second from discussing my family issues!  I say question him about it everywhere he goes.  Every time gay marriage comes up with these two, then their family issues must be brought up. 


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