I can see why they call him P*rn*-Pete

(Microsoft won’t let me use the word porno in the title!)

I just had a good laugh at reading something at Peter LaBarbera’s Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.  He titled his post After Church on Sunday:  A San Fran Spanking Party.

I have to say I live in San Francisco, and I go to the Folsum Street Fair.  It isn’t quite what Peter LaBarbera says it is (although based on his past, he has probably been to a couple doing, um, undercover work).

Anyway, I hadn’t heard of this Spanking party.  But a quick search on the internet brought up the Folsum Street Fair website.  I’m sure Peter LaBarbera loved the picture that they used to promote it–two nice looking guys, with their pants pulled down (you see their backs and not the fronts).  Peter LaBarbera has listed this event as a ‘homosexual Pride Parades and Festivals" but what he failed to mention (probably because he couldn’t stop looking at those guy’s bottoms) is that the spanking party is for gay, bi and STRAIGHT men.   Here is the link in case you are curious. 

I think it is absolutely hilarious that Peter LaBarbera says:

"The site is far too vulgar for us to link, as are all things Folsom"

but clearly he has it bookmarked on his computer, of course for research purposes only.  I guess the ‘vulgarity’ isn’t too much for Peter LaBarbera…

He also gives a list of three sponsors, but if you notice, these are not listed on the main website for this spanking party.  He must have gone through the entire Folsum website to gather that bit of information. 

I certainly know what he was doing ‘after church on Sunday.’


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