Stacy Harp, One More Time…

Stacy makes some comments on her blog and I wonder what planet she lives on.

1.  I said:

"I don’t even want to comment on such things–but I will."

She said this in response to my comment:

Lie one is that the doctor didn’t want to comment on my post. The very fact that Kevin took the time to respond is evidence of his lie. So if one lies so easily, it’s no wonder the rest of his commentary is as inane as this lie.

WTF???  Does this make sense to anyone else in the world except for Stacy Harp?  In the words of a great Australian comedy show, "Please Explain!"  If I said I didn’t want to go to the store, but did anyway, does that make me a liar???

2.  She says:

"Second, Kevin proved my point by approving Graham Kaye’s threats toward me as legitimate. He did not condemn this homosexual from his wicked remarks and threats against me."

I don’t think Stacy quite read my post.  I never approved Graham Kaye’s response. No where and not ever.  What I said was "Now using her reasoning…" and then I used her own twisted logic.  If she shows me where I said I approved of his comments, I’ll print this out and eat it.  🙂 And if she cannot, maybe Stacy should once again erase her history and start up a new blog.

3. She says:

This just goes to prove my other point which is that militant homosexuals and lesbians like Kevin, Joe, (whose blog he posted his lies on) and Pam, do not care about the truth.

I like that phrase ‘militant homosexual.’  I don’t know exactly what it means, but I imagine myself wearing an army green jacket and running around pretending to be a spy.  Except I couldn’t wear an army green jacket because I am not allowed to be out and gay in the military.  Besides, being a militant anything is not always a bad thing.  She is a militant anti-homosexual. What was her point again??? 

I also love the fact that I am in the same company as Pam Spaulding and Joe Brummer.  Nothing to be ashamed about on that front!

Also, Stacy read my comments on my blog.  Yes, I posted them on Joe’s blog too. How do I know that?  She posted my picture on her blog, which is only found at my blog. 

Stacy, please make yourself comfortable here.  You are always welcome.  If you want the truth, here is the place to find it.  You are also welcome to leave comments.  That being said, you can now go back and change what you said earlier ("No wonder they want anyone silenced who says that homosexual and lesbian behavior is immoral").  "They" must include me, but I never said I wanted anyone silenced.  Show me, or stop lying, since lying is an abomination to God and He hates it. 

Oh, and regarding your dear friend Peter LaBarbera.  He probably hasn’t told you that he gave his own home address, which was available to the public at under his non-profit.  Of course, that is no excuse for what Wick said–none whatsoever.  But Peter LaBarbera is the one to blame for handing out his home address.  He can’t blame that on anyone but himself.  He probably also hasn’t told you that his non-profit, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, is a Lesbian/Gay Rights organization.  Yep, that is totally correct.  It is an advocacy group for gays and lesbians (although you wouldn’t guess it from what he posts).  You can see it for yourself here.  I’ve just checked today and it is still listed as such.  He could have changed it to something else a few weeks ago when he changed his home address to a P.O. box, but he didn’t.  Maybe you can ask him why when you next have a chat with him.  You can also tell him I’ve asked the IRS to look into it as well.  I suppose the problem is that there is no NTEE Code for groups that sponsor hate and deceit…


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