Peter LaBarbera vs. Jason Cianciotto

I see over at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (why didn’t MSNBC call it by the legal name????  They just called it Americans For Truth) that Peter LaBarbera is up in arms over his appearance on MSNBC.  I can’t insert the video but you can see it here.  What you will notice as you watch this is that Peter LaBarbera has essentially nothing to say, except to repeat over and over that parents have a right to know what their kids are learning.  He repeats this about three times.  And Jason Cianciotto agrees with him.  However, this is what LaBarbera thinks ‘an astute observer’ will notice from watching this video:



  • Systematically allege that Christians and Christian organizations foment hatred by teaching traditional, Biblical morality; accuse them of inciting violence — not only against “gays,” but even against school children;
  • Lobby for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to be added to federal “Hate Crimes” legislation, making “hate crimes” against a homosexual or “transgendered” person more serious legally than a crime against a pregnant or elderly woman (Call Congress at 202-224-3121 and tell your Representative and Senators that you OPPOSE the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act.)
  • Silence Christians and pro-family organizations by urging the media to ignore their viewpoint in stories, by urging papers to drop conservative columns, by expressing indignation when public officials speak at conservative events, etc.
  • Happening now in Canada and Great Britain but coming to the USA? … Prosecute Christians and Christian organizations criminally and in civil court for “hate speech.”

I don’t think that Peter LaBarbera remembers what he said, or whether he actually watched himself in the video.  let’s go over his four points he thinks are found in the video:

1.  Jason Cianciotto never mentioned the Bible, or Christians, or biblical morality.  He did justly accuse Peter LaBarbera and Americans for Truth about Homosexuality in spreading hate and fear, which makes the lives of some gays and lesbians miserable. 

2.  There is absolutely no mention of federal hate crime legislation at all in this video.

3.  There is absolutely no mention of silencing viewpoints in this video–none whatsoever.  Peter gets a chance to speak, but just repeats over and over again what he said previously.

4.  And again, no mention of hate speech and/or prosecuting ‘Christians and Christian organizations.’

Maybe this is what Peter LaBarbera thinks is on that video, but he is so mistaken that you have to wonder what was going through his mind when he thought an ‘astute observer’ would see his four points.  Maybe he was just dazzled that he was actually asked to be on MSNBC…

And at the end of Peter’s post, he asks his readers to take this challenge:


I will be as committed to standing against the “gay” political/cultural agenda as the homosexual activists are in pushing their Big Lie of “civil rights” based on destructive and immoral homosexual behavior.

 No one including Peter LaBarbera mentioned civil rights in this video.  He is clutching at straws and once again bringing up the false charges of ‘destructive and immoral homosexual behavior.’  How sad for him and how sad for the rest of us that once again have to put up with his insane obsession with all things gay and lesbian. 


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