Exodus, Alan Chambers and Lying

Alan Chambers is the President of Exodus, the group that claims it can change homosexuals to heterosexuals.  Its key phrase is "Change is Possible."  I just looked at Joe Brummer’s site and he put up this picture of Alan Chambers and his wife and then the video that follows:


Look at the phrase directly below Alan Chambers and his wife.  I don’t think it can get too much clearer than that.  Now watch this video of Alan Chambers on the Montel Williams show.  Listen to Chambers when he says that they cannot change people:



Someone needs to dump Chambers from this organization and the organization needs to be shut down.  It is manipulating people, taking their money and for what?  Certainly not Change, like they claim.  It is all just a money-making scheme by using people who are desperate. 

So Change isn’t possible, according to Chambers?  Let’s look at part his organization’s website.  This section is called  Library:  Prevention & Recovery:

One section is called (I’ve done the bolding and underlining for the word change):

Homosexuality and the Possibility of Change: An Ongoing Research Project

A review of 17 published studies.

If you try to click on the link, it says this review is written by Rob. G. and then leads to another link.  This link is dead. 

The next section:

Roots of Homosexuality

For a Christian coming out of homosexuality or lesbianism, the homosexual problem may loom as large as a giant Redwood tree: enormous, obvious, unchangeable, unshakable. But just like the root system beneath the Redwood forest, homosexuality also has roots. There are many things "below the ground" that feed the gay identity and hold it firmly in place. This article overviews some of these key issues.


Another section:


Getting Out: Some things you should know about the journey out of homosexuality

Sometimes people think that if they pray enough or wish hard enough, their homosexuality will just disappear. This is an unrealistic expectation. Changes in the area of sexual orientation happen as a result of a process which usually involves some hard personal work.



Coming out of the Closet: Why I Decided to Treat Homosexuals Who Want to Change Their Orientation

I became involved quietly because I saw the pain of these men and because I thought I could help. I wanted to continue quietly because it was safer, easier and there was less accountability. However, during the last few years as I became aware that the professional organizations of psychotherapists which govern the ethical standards of the different disciplines were seriously considering ruling that it was unethical to treat homosexuals who wanted to change their orientation, my timidity and fear was overcome by indignation. (Haynes, NASW, APA)



I Am Not an Accountant

Ten years ago I left the business world to become full time Director of Regeneration. I had been an accountant. I left all that. I gave up that old identity. It wasn’t easy. It was difficult. How do you change who you perceive yourself to be? If I wasn’t an accountant, who was I? At times I felt like I had no identity. I still felt so different from non-accountants. But gradually the change took place.


Manhood Without Narcissism

There is often a high degree of narcissism in male homosexuality. The process of seeking to change and grow in manhood requires a self-focus that can actually contribute to narcissism. There is, however, a way to counter this and even become less self-focused as the Lord is healing us.


Healing and Growth: Homosexuality and Christian Character

Overcoming homosexuality is so much more than changing behavior. It is a major life change often requiring a radical transformation of those characteristics inside of us that have defined our personalities and governed our behavior for years.


Healing & Growth: Change or Obedience?

Our goals seem always, at first, to be selfish. We want relief. God heal me so the pain will go away. Change is the only answer — if only it is possible… But there is a great flaw in this. Our agenda is still self-centered, and a self-centered life is not one that is likely to change.

Alan Chambers has a lot to answer for.  His comments on the Montel Williams show indicate that either he has no clue what his organization is or what it does (which leads to the next question- why is he running it???) or he is flat-out lying.  He himself states that Exodus cannot change anyone.  Yet their website and advertisements are full of the phrases "Change is Possible." 

How can I call him a liar?  Alan Chambers himself gives his own account. You can read it here.    What does he have to say (and remember what he said on Montel Williams):

By the time I was 10 I was battling homosexual thoughts and temptations and began to hear at church that “homosexuals could not share in God’s Kingdom”; under no circumstances did I hear “such were some of you” (I Corinthians 6:9-11) which is 2000 year old evidence that homosexuals can change.

…The speaker also re-introduced me to I Corinthians 6:9-11, gave me hope for change and referred me to Exchange Ministries, Exodus’ member ministry in Orlando, for counseling

…Gradually, my will and then my desires changed.

…She (his wife Leslie) is not my diploma for healing, nor is she proof that I have changed.

So has he changed?  Did Exodus help him change?  According to his own written words, yes, he did change and Exodus helped him and helps others to change.  According to his words on national t.v., no one can change and Exodus does not help people change.  What a liar.


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