Missing emails

I noticed on Friday that I wasn’t receiving my usual 10-20 spam emails in my spam box.  Normally that wouldn’t bother me, except I received zero.  I sent myself a test email from another email address, and it didn’t come through.

Years ago we bought our own domain name and have had our emails re-delivered to whatever company we have been getting our internet service from.  This time it is Comcast.  It turns out that Comcast was blocking all emails from our domain company because it thought they were all spam.  Instead of telling me, it just blocked and probably deleted them.  That didn’t make me happy, especially since I was waiting for a couple of emails to arrive.  Doug sent Comcast and our domain provider an email, and all of a sudden my emails started flowing again.

Then today they stopped.  So tonight Doug set my email up so that we totally bypass Comcast and now my email is being retrieved directly from our domain provider.  I should also say that there is an added layer with my ChoiceMail, which is a great spam blocker.  That took a bit of fiddling around with, but it all seems to be working.

So if anyone sent me an email in the past five days and you haven’t heard back, there is a good bet that I never received it.


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