The Pacific Coast Regional Meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature

That is quite a mouthful.  Today I am off to this regional conference of SBL that is being held in Berkeley.  Berkeley is pretty convenient by BART, the train.  I’m going to the Queen Studies Lunch at 12:45 and to their session after that.  I imagine I will be back home by 5 pm. 

Tomorrow I will be going to the Pan African/Women section.  There is a talk titled Why the Black Church Can’t Speak About Homosexuality by Paula McGee at the Claremont Graduate University.  It sounds like it should be a good talk. 

My talk is in the Open Session (I’m not sure why it wasn’t put into the History of Christianity sessions!) tomorrow.  I’ll be speaking about the relationship between Ambrose and Augustine, both 4th century Catholics and tying that in to some possible literary influences of Ambrose on Augustine, especially in Augustine’s Against The Foundation Letter.  I’ve got about 25 minutes, so I will try and keep it to 20 minutes and leave room for questions.  The question part is always the scariest since you never know what people are going to ask.  The three other talks are on the New and Old Testament.  But it should be a good talk, and it will be nice to meet some new people. 

I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t be able to hear a talk that is going on at the exact same time as mine.  It is on the early correspondence between Jerome and Augustine.  I gave a paper on this topic in 2004 and just sent it out for publication, so it would have been interesting to hear what take she will be putting on it.  I’ll have to look around and try and find her.


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