A Good Conference

I just got back from Berkeley and the Regional SBL conference.  It went really well.  I went to some good sessions and learned a lot about topics I hadn’t given too much thought about.

I am exceptionally happy with my paper (just to blow my own horn!).  I set out to show that Augustine probably had a written copy of Ambrose’s Hexameron, and one professor said he was more convinced of this that I was because of my argument!  I gave a handout that looked at some manuscript studies and I’m glad I did that, just to make things a bit more clear.  He also said this was the ‘smoking gun’ and afterward the chairwoman congratulated me on it.  So I am pretty happy.  Now I just need to send it out for publication, and get it accepted, and I will be even more happy!

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2 Responses to A Good Conference

  1. Noodle frontity says:

    Wow!  Pleased to be the first to congratulate you.  Best of luck publishing your manuscript.- Pete

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Pete!  Thanks.  I have about 30 pages of material that I had to cut down to make it a presentable paper–now I just need to find a good way to incorporate everything back in!

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