Kansas Tries to Ban Domestic Partner Registries

So it isn’t enough to ban marriage at the federal level, and then ban marriage at the state level, Kansas is trying to ban domestic partner registries as well.  I tell you, this is nothing less than the way the Nazis treated the Jews in Germany in the 1930s.  They slowly voted them out, and then look what they did to them.  Now I am just waiting for the KrystalNacht to occur in a number of states.

What are these so-called legislators trying to do?  Do they want to wipe us out, maybe set up a concentration camp and starve and torture and gas all of us?  That is what it will come to if we keep letting them take away any rights we have left. 

Here is a picture of the budding Hitler of Kansas, Lance Kinzer, a Republican (no surprise there):

And this is no big surprise, he just received an award from the Eagle Forum, another anti-gay hate group.  And for what?  His work "in the battle for God, Home and Country."

Here is what his website has to say on the issue of domestic partnership registries:

PREEMPTION OF LOCAL DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP ORDINANCES – On Thursday Rep. Kinzer also appeared before the House Federal & State Affairs Committee on HB 2299 which would prohibit local government entities from establishing domestic partnership registries. Such registries would be contrary to the traditional practice of governing domestic relations via state laws of general applicability. Furthermore, implementation of domestic partnership registries at the local level could set up legal challenges to the 2005 marriage amendment which was passed by an overwhelming majority of Kansas voters.

You can read his ‘testimony’ about his proposed bill here.  If you don’t want to read that load of crap, here is his last paragraph:


I think an honest assessment of these types of questions leads to the conclusion that domestic partnership registries can have only two purposes. First, they can serve as mechanisms to convey legal rights approximating marriage. To the extent they do so, at least in Kansas, they run contrary to the clearly established will of the people embedded in our Constitution. Second, they can serve as pure political statements designed to allow a particular community to stake out its position in a broader cultural dispute. While it can be argued that this is not all bad, any possible benefit must be weighed against the dangers attendant to setting a precedent in favor of local development of domestic relations law. Again, this is a recipe for our law in this area to develop via judicial decree rather then via the legislative process. The net result may well be an erosion or hollowing out of the marriage amendment. Indeed, I do not think it at all unlikely that this is exactly when some proponents of the Lawrence ordinance have in mind.

An honest assessment?  A domestic partnership really does nothing, and it certainly does not give the rights of marriage.  This guy is a liar.  Doug and I have been registered partners in Ann Arbor MI since 1994 and in Berkeley since 1996.  We got nothing out of that except a piece of paper (which we certainly appreciated from these cities, but it gave us no benefits of marriage at all). 

His email is lance@lancekinzer.com.

I encourage everyone to send him an email.  I’m going to send him one today.


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