My email to Lance Kinzer, Republican, Kansas

Dear Mr. Kinzer,

I just read that you have introduced a bill that would "prohibit local government entities from establishing domestic partnership registries."  I have no legitimate idea on why you would want to do this.  You are under the mistaken assumption that domestic partnerships would "serve as mechanisms to convey legal rights approximating marriage."  This is totally incorrect and I would appreciate it if you would come out and correct this statement.  My partner and I registered in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1994 and when we moved to Berkeley CA we registered there in the city registry.  What did that get us?  Nothing but a pretty piece of paper.  Of course, we were grateful for this, but it, IN NO WAY, gave us any rights or benefits, at all.  A domestic partnership registry in Kansas would do nothing at all either that would approximate any legal right for anything. 

Although I hate to do this, I want to remind you of a bit of history that occurred in the 1930s in Germany.  The Nazis came to power and slowly eroded the rights of the Jews.  They called them dirty, immoral (for the so-called killing of Christ) and a powerful lobbying group that needed to be stopped.  Their rights, as humans, were taken away.  And we all know what happened when in Germany to the Jews.  As an historian, I am trained to see parallels.  The way that gays and lesbians are being treated in this country is very similar to what had happened to the Jews in Germany in the 1930s.  You work very hard to take away the rights of gays and lesbians and I hope that your legacy will not be the same as the Germans who tried to erase the Jews.


Dr. Kevin Kaatz


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