Lies and Hate from the “Family” “Research” Council

As I said before, the FRC is neither about family nor do they do any research.  Anyway, I just received another alert from them and they are getting desperately worried that gays and lesbians will be included in the new proposed hate crimes legislation.  I’ve blogged about this legislation before and if you read the proposed law, you will see that if ONLY covers physical violence.  However, all of these hate groups like FRC and the American Family Association and Exodus tell people that this law will prevent them from thinking (If they do this in the first place), or prevent them from speaking out against gays and lesbians.  This is a GIANT LIE.  Remember too that Tony Perkins, the pres. of the FRC was involved in buying the member list of the KKK just a couple of years ago.  And this is the guy who is against hate crime legislation–now you can understand why…

Here is the message I received:


Dear Friend,
The liberal majority in Congress is now working to pass so-called "hate crimes" legislation. Such thought crimes laws represent a dangerous threat to your religious freedom.
Please visit Family Research Council’s new website dedicated exclusively to this issue, You’ll learn what you can do to stop homosexual activists and liberal Congressmen from further eroding religious liberty in America–especially by signing our Public Declaration of Opposition to Thought Crimes Laws.
Thank you,
Tony Perkins,


They didn’t really create a new website, because if you click on it, it takes you right back to the FRC website…

Here is what they want people to sign:


Whereas every American citizen-regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or national origin-is guaranteed equal protection under the law as specified in the 14th Amendment of the United States constitution, and;
Whereas so-called "hate crimes" laws now being considered by liberal leaders in the U.S. Congress would create new classes of victims-including those who engage in homosexual behavior-with special rights not extended to all Americans, a notion completely at odds with the Constitutional guarantee of equal protection, and;
Whereas one purpose of so-called "hate crimes" laws is to increase punishment for the thoughts a person may have been having while committing a crime, meaning such laws are really thought crimes laws, and;
Whereas increasing punishment for a criminal�s thoughts could quickly be expanded to outlawing the expression of other thoughts that liberal legislators and activist judges, under pressure from homosexual activists, list as "hateful," including sincere religious convictions and Bible-based moral values such as opposition to homosexual behavior, and;
Whereas similar so-called "hate crimes" laws already have been used to legally prosecute and silence Christians for publicly opposing homosexual behavior in Western Europe, Canada, and even in America…
Therefore, I/we the undersigned do urge all members of the U.S. Congress, state legislatures, and any other law-making body to actively oppose any effort to enact thought crimes laws.

A couple of things to notice:

1)  As I have said before, the HC Legislation ONLY deals with VIOLENCE, not SPEECH.

2)  This hate group does not think that all Americans are entitled to equal protection under the law.

3)  Including gays and lesbians under such legislation does not give special rights or extra rights.  Notice that Herr Perkins does not explain this.

4)  This is a flat out lie:  "is to increase punishment for the thoughts a person may have been having while committing a crime, meaning such laws are really thought crimes laws…"  Lying is totally an ABOMINATION.  Perkins should know this, since he thinks he is a Christian.

5)  Related to 1 and 4, this legislation has NOTHING to do with silencing everyone. 

6)  What this message from the FRC is really about is money and greed.  Scare people with lies and they will send money, which will only line the pockets of Perkins and others like him. 

In keeping with the theme of what I did earlier today, the FRC makes quite a bit of money through contributions, gives and grants–almost $10 million, but they had a deficit of over $600,000.  And like these other hate groups, they spend a huge percentage of what they bring in on salaries for officers and directors (nearly half a million) and other salaries and wages–over $3 million dollars!  That is nearly 40% of their budget that goes to line the pockets of these people. They also spent over a million in 2005 for travel!  Tony Perkins himself makes nearly $200,000.  That really isn’t too bad for spreading lies and hate on a daily basis! 

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