Nigeria, Gay Rights and the Episcopal Church

There is a really good opinion letter at, written by Libby Post.  I’ve been thinking about the topics she has written on for a while now, especially the fact that part of the U.S. Episcopal church has put itself under the jurisdiction (or is trying to) of the Nigerian Archbishop Peter J. Akinola.  I was pretty horrified when I heard this, especially because of the new legislation that might pass in Nigeria.  In going over to the Nigerian side of things, these Episcopalians are accepting what Nigeria is about to do (or at least is trying to do).  And what is that?

Anyone who associates with gays and lesbians can be thrown in jail.  Anyone who is gay or lesbian can be thrown in jail.  I have ties to the Episcopal church, at least in the Berkeley area.  I did my Masters at the Graduate Theological Union and affiliated with the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP), the Episcopal seminary.  I have to say that was the best time I have ever had in terms of education and in terms of meeting so many, many nice people.  CDSP taught me that Christians can be good people (of course I knew that before, but this cemented it for me).  That is why it is hard to believe that part of the E. Church is putting itself under the wing of this homo-hating archbishop.  Ultimately they can leave the church if they want, but I hope that the Episcopal Church fights tooth and nail to keep those buildings. Let them go and build their own churches with Nigerian money…

Anyway, this is of course awful for the Nigerian gay and lesbian community and those who support them, but it will have effects here if we are not careful.  I firmly believe this is what most of these anti-gay groups in the U.S. ultimately want to happen here.  You can read the comments of any of the groups I blog about and see that this is the case.  That is why it is important to speak out about these things.  All of these anti-gay laws that are being passed right and left in this country, supported by groups like the AFTAH and the Concerned Women For America, and the FRC and AFA, ultimately want to wipe us out, slowly but surely.  I can’t see any other end-point for their goals.  Joe Brummer has asked the question many times to these groups of what kind of world are they working for in terms of gays and lesbians, but none of them answer.  They know the answer, but also know that their final solution reeks of the final solution that took place in Germany.  The difference?  They think they are led by God…


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