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Medical Visitation Rights and Minnesota

I just cannot believe this, but a bill in Minnesota has to do with medical visitation rights and whether or not gay and lesbians should have these rights when their partners are ill!  Good God, this really pisses me off … Continue reading

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The Professor, the Madman and the Goose

Today I finished a really good book called The Professor and the Madman:  A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary by Simon Winchester.  Although the story has tragedy, it is also uplifting.  And speaking … Continue reading

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Peter LaBarbera and his Wasted Adulthood

Today at the AFTAH, Peter LaBarbera is reporting that ‘Canadian Research Suggests Only 1.4% of Adults Homosexual.’  As usual for his hate-site, he just cuts and pastes (who knew it would be so easy to have a non-profit???), but he … Continue reading

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More Garden Pics

Last summer I rescued some bulbs that keep popping up right next to the house, which unfortunately is the only path to get to the water.  I moved them, not knowing what kind of plants they were.  I have a … Continue reading

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My email to Lance Kinzer, Republican, Kansas

Dear Mr. Kinzer, I just read that you have introduced a bill that would "prohibit local government entities from establishing domestic partnership registries."  I have no legitimate idea on why you would want to do this.  You are under the … Continue reading

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Kansas Tries to Ban Domestic Partner Registries

So it isn’t enough to ban marriage at the federal level, and then ban marriage at the state level, Kansas is trying to ban domestic partner registries as well.  I tell you, this is nothing less than the way the … Continue reading

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A Good Conference

I just got back from Berkeley and the Regional SBL conference.  It went really well.  I went to some good sessions and learned a lot about topics I hadn’t given too much thought about. I am exceptionally happy with my paper … Continue reading

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