A New Anti-hate Crime Coupon

Just when I thought that these anti-gay groups couldn’t sink any lower, out comes a new coupon, put out by some of Stacy Harp’s friends.  Joe Brummer responds at his site.  I would hope that people with a brain can understand what a hate crime is and why there is legislation to now protect race and religion, and why sexual orientation needs to be there.  But these anti-gay groups, knowing they can scoop up quite a bit of cash on anti-gay lies, are now just flat-out lying once again about what a hate crime is.  Here is their good ‘Christian’ coupon:

What this coupon doesn’t say, and clearly what they don’t want people to think about, is that granny is not attacked for being granny, while gays are attacked for being gay.  There is a big difference, but people like Harp and the rest of these faux-christians either can’t understand that or don’t want to.  There is no such thing as a ‘reduced penalty’ for a crime.  If a man kills granny specifically because she is a Christian, then that is a hate crime and there are added penalties because hate crimes are more vile.  There are, however, added penalties for hate crimes.  There is a difference and that is the purpose of hate crime legislation.  Special protection?  That must mean that Stacy Harp and all her faux-christians must have special protections for their sex as well as for being faux-christians (since religion is protected).  Since I don’t have a religion, then they get more and better protection than me.  At least that is how they don’t want you to think about it. 

What is especially sickening about coupons like this is that it actually supports crime against gays and lesbians.  These people need to be compared, over and over again, to the actions of the Nazis in the 1930s.  They slowly took away the rights of the Jews because they considered them to be inferior and look what the Nazis did.  These people are NO DIFFERENT. 

Here is what Stacy Harp (and remember that she claims to be a counselor) has to say:


My friends over at Faith 2 Action have developed a nifty little coupon that you will definitely want to print up and give to all of your friends and pastors and others who believe in the bible.

What Stacy doesn’t say here is that she only believes in part of the bible, and it is clear that she never reads that book.  She is a perfect example of a faux-Christian.  And you can see these ‘commercials’ at her good friend’s website stophatecrimesnow.com.  I’ll warn you first that there is something wrong with that site.  It makes my computer ‘hang’ every time I try to look at it. 

The law in Pennsylvania that these women were arrested for (and the charges were dropped, at least for granny #1) is called the Ethnic Intimidation and Institutional Vandalism Act, enacted in 1982:


When certain crimes are committed (often these are called "underlying offenses") AND it can be shown that a motive for the crime was hatred of the victims’ actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, the additional offense of ethnic intimidation can be charged, subjecting the perpetrator to more severe penalties.

So these grannies are not innocent little old women–they were originally charged with harassment and hatred for people with a different sexual orientation than themselves.  These so-called commercials are also lies–they show these two women handing out flyers on a street corner, and that implies that is what they were doing when they were arrested.  Lies, lies, lies.  These two ‘grandmothers’ should be ashamed of themselves.  You can see the legislation and explanation here or hereThe city of Philadelphia also has this to say, and remember this when you think of the lies these women are telling and the lies that people use when they are against hate crimes:



A hate crime is an act motivated by prejudice or bias. To be a hate crime, the act must be criminal — not a mere expression of an intolerant opinion. Certain offenses become hate crimes because of what motivated the criminal act. When certain crimes are committed because of a victim’s real or perceived race, color, religion or national origin, a hate crime has been committed in Pennsylvania. Efforts are on-going to persuade the legislature to include sexual orientation and physical or mental disability within the hate crime statute. However, until they are, hate crimes committed against groups or persons not yet covered may still be prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office under other statutes and should be reported as hate crimes.

Notice that these people (including granny #1) were not charged with speaking their minds, as she claims.  This is not a hate crime.  She harassed and spread her hatred to gays and lesbians.  Period.  Did I mention that lying is an abomination to God? 

And I like this last piece of advice, and this is something that Stacy Harp and granny #1 would do well to listen to and learn:


If you have children, teach them above all to value cultural diversity and shun bigotry. You also might consider volunteering with a school or community group to reinforce similar values among young and old alike.

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2 Responses to A New Anti-hate Crime Coupon

  1. Rob says:

    Do you really expect a religious fanatic to understand the concept of terrorism? – or maybe it would be more accurate to say, to understand that terrorism is wrong.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob!  No, it is probably going to far to ask these people to understand what they are doing.  But I\’ll probably keep trying anyway!

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