Magpies and Elizabeth grandkids

The other night we watched The Devil Wears Prada, and there is a scene with Meryl Streep, sitting on a couch in a hotel room, without her makeup and she looked just like my good friend Elizabeth.  Elizabeth died of bone cancer the year we left Australia.  It was an incredibly sad time for me, but I was lucky enough to see her the day she died.  I sent Kym and Vaughan an email the other day and just got a reply.  I was so happy to hear the Kym made a couple of videos and put them on YouTube.  I remember years ago when Kym showed me some movies he was making on his Mac, and I see he is still making them. 

The first one is called Lazy Baby Magpie.  I will always associate magpies with Australia, and funny enough, with Elizabeth since from her balcony you could see lots and lots of them.  When I first moved to Sydney I saw all of these signs painted on the sidewalk:  "Beware:  Magpies nesting."  I thought that the birds were nesting in the grass.  But what it really meant was to watch the back of your head, because magpies, in the spring, are very protective of their young.  My first encounter with a magpie happened on campus when I saw an older man drop to the ground when a magpie attacked him from the behind.  I then started to notice lots of people carrying tall sticks, which for the most part keep the magpies away.  But I didn’t do that and remember telling my friend Norman that I thought it was cute they way they protected their young.  That is until I was hit in the back of the head by one.  It swooped down and scratched my scalp, enough for it to bleed.  Then I became paranoid of them!  One even followed me down the street when we lived in Newtown (an area in Sydney).  Doug always thought it was funny when I walked a wide circle around them, but I definitely didn’t want to get hit again!

Anyway, here is the first video.  Elizabeth’s grandkids, Georgina and Ben are on it and you can hear Kym speaking in the background:

To see a magpie in its swooping phase, watch this next video (it is about a minute into it)

Anyway, here is another video by Kym:

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