The Children of Fred Phelps Need to be Taken Away–NOW

I hate to even give this deranged family any more airtime than they already have, but some government official needs to step in and take the children away from the Phelps family.  There are a number of videos that show this sick family.  Look at the children singing God Hates the U.S.A.  What would happen if a gay family put their family out there and said God Hates the U.S.A.?  The government would step in and take them away as soon as possible. Please, someone in the government must take these children away and they have to be reprogrammed to live a normal life.

Fred Phelp’s daughter (Shirley) has eleven kids and they are all so brainwashed. Their mother says ‘fag’ every other sentence and these poor kids learn hate.  They certainly aren’t talking about Christianity, but spread hate and make people try to be miserable. 

Listen to that woman speak–she doesn’t think, she obviously has said what was repeated to her.  It is a whole family affair–the grandmother (Fred Phelps is not there).  The children are there.  Listen to what those kids have to listen to.  Is there no child protection agency in their state? No one is brave enough to rescue those poor kids?

They are growing a whole family of hate and these people will spread and it will grow.  Hopefully these kids will at some point escape that mother of theirs and see the beauty in the world.  But why do I have this horrible feeling that that will never happen–my guess is Shirley will have the family drink ‘koolaid’ before that. 

Here is a couple of videos made by the BBC. 



The guy who is from the BBC and he hits the nail on the head: these people who preach hate receive hate back, which just confirms their ideas that there is hate in the world.  They’ve created their own hell, thinking that hell is all over.  Listen to this poor 21 year old and what she has to say about herself and how her mother has total control over her.  She started to picket in 1st grade.  She has been humiliated by her mother, who allowed her to be yelled at and allowed this poor woman (and the rest of the kids) to see her mother being yelled at on a daily basis.  The scary thing is that this young woman just doesn’t understand why people react they way they do.  This is child abuse, fully and absolutely.

You can see more video of this family at Good As You.  I’m looking forward to seeing the entire show.  Here is a bit from the BBC News on the show.


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