All Aboard! Rosie (O’Donnell’s) Family Cruise

I had heard about this documentary by HBO quite a while ago and then my sister saw it and said it was so good, except for their reception in the Bahamas by a bunch of fundamentalists.

I thought the show was fantastic and I highly recommend it.  A few things I was thinking about as I watched it:

1)  There were some lesbians who said they had never felt so free since there was no one around to judge them and they could do what they please.  I realized that not everyone is as lucky as me and Doug to live in the Castro, where being gay is the normal state of things!

2)  The movie made it crystal clear that the problems that gays and lesbians have with raising kids has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with them being gay.  It has everything to do with the reactions they get from the outside world.  The kids of these people have to deal with bullying, hatred and just plain old ignorance from a variety of people as they are growing up.  So never, ever believe statements from the Peter LaBarbera’s or the Stacy Harp’s of this world.  They are the problem, not the gay parents and certainly not the children of these gay parents. 

3)  There was a mother on board with her grown lesbian daughter.  The mother still didn’t seem to get exactly what was going on, especially when she told another lesbian couple that gays and lesbians shouldn’t be married, because there would be no children on the earth.  Now I don’t know exactly where that mother stayed during the cruise, but the cruise was PACKED with children–which was the whole point.  I don’t understand how someone can totally ignore what they see all around them.  I suppose I am not surprised though since I see this type of ‘hand over the eyes’ behavior all the time.

4)  The most moving part of this documentary for me was watching the two guys and their five adopted children go through their commitment ceremony.  It was beautiful and touching.  And to think that people like Peter LaBarbera rants and raves against gays and lesbians having children. 

5)  It was terrible to watch all of these families get off in the Bahamas to be greeted by a bunch of faux-christians.  These people have no clue about their own history.  Clearly their ancestors were brought to the Bahamas as slaves by these so-called Christian nations and were kept under slavery through the very religion that they are now using to persecute gays and lesbians.  Luckily there were a few people who told the cameras that this hate-filled group was a very small minority…

***Doug just sent me a link:  apparently there is going to be another family cruise, and this time it will end up in Bermuda.  The Premier of Bermuda even had to defend his position of allowing the cruise ship into Bermuda!  Good god…

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