Exodus and Ken Hutcherson

I’ve blogged about Exodus as well as Ken Hutcherson before.  However, I did not know that they had a relationship as well.  Exodus is having one of its conferences in California and to my total surprise, Ken Hutcherson is going to be one of their keynote speakers!  If you have forgotten how Hutcherson is, he is the guy who last year tried to get his congregation to by Microsoft stock and then sell it all in one day.  He did this because Microsoft supported gay rights.  Of course that didn’t work.  It was also Hutcherson who just took a trip to Latvia as a ‘special envoy’ with the power of the president to get things done. It was an anti-gay trip and now the White House has come out and said he never was given the power of an envoy…  So now Exodus is having him as a keynote speaker. 

Here is the ad:


Dr. Hutcherson is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church in

Kirkland, WA. Dr. Hutcherson is a nationally known speaker and you may have heart [sic] him on the nationally known syndicated “Hutch Rush” radio program. He is also a former NFL Middle Linebacker. 

Dr Hutcherson is a national leader of Adoption Reform, and is the Founder of the National Movement – MayDay for Marriage – A movement to preserve marriage between one man and one woman. They have hosted rallies in Washington D.C., Seattle and at the Washington State Capitol. Find out more about Dr. Hutcherson here.

Dr. Hutcherson will be speaking at the Evening General Session on Thursday, June 28th, and the Morning General Session on Friday, June 29th.


Unfortunately I cannot go since I will be attending the GayBloggers Summit II here in San Francisco on Friday June 29.  And for one thing, he is not a ‘Dr.’  Another is that I just can’t believe Exodus would stoop that low to get someone like him.  Anyway, I decided to send an email to the president of Exodus, Alan Chambers, and I hope he responds:


Dear Mr. Chambers, I noticed that there will be an Exodus conference in California. I also noticed that Ken Hutcherson will be one of your keynote speakers. I have to say I was very surprised that Exodus would have someone who is so anti-gay. Ken Hutcherson just traveled to Latvia and one of his traveling partners was Scott Lively, a man who has co-written "Pink Swastika- Homosexuality in the Nazi Party’" which really blamed the Holocaust on gays.

I was wondering if you could tell me why you, as the president of Exodus, picked Hutcherson to give one of the keynote speeches? I would think this would harm the message that Exodus is trying to make.


Dr. Kevin Kaatz


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