Hate Crime Legislation

Harvey just forwarded to me an email from the Human Rights Campaign on the proposed Hate Crime Legislation.  It includes a website for the HRC and a form to fill out which will be sent to your legislators.  Please think about going to the HRC website and filling in the form.  Rest assured that the anti-gay activists are making this a special target for their legions.  It will be a good day for the history of equality if the Hate Crime Legislation is passed.  And remember that this legislation is about physical violence–and has nothing to do with speech, as much as the anti-gay activists would like people to think.

Please, please, if you don’t want to use the form from the HRC, then send your legislators a letter or an email asking them to support the new proposed legislation.

Here is the email:


Every morning, someone you know takes the long way to class.
> Someone you care about looks over his shoulder on the street.
> Someone you love fears for her safety.
> All because people hate them for being who they are.
> We’re closer than ever to passing a federal hate crimes law that
> includes sexual orientation and gender identity. But right now,
> your lawmakers are being barraged with calls and emails from
> anti-gay groups. It’s horrifying that they’d pick this of all
> issues to be against – but it’s happening.
> The House has already introduced its hate crimes bill. We’re
> holding a press conference on THURSDAY, the day the Senate
> introduces its identical bill, to announce all the support
> behind us. We need your voice, even if you’ve already sent a
> message on this issue.
> Click here to send your letter to Congress before Thursday’s
> press conference:
> And once you take action, please forward this message along. We
> need more support!
> Our country desperately needs a federal hate crimes law that
> protects all people from bias-motivated violence. Every day,
> dozens of people are targets of violent attacks simply because
> of who they are, while the federal government is powerless to
> help.
> Over the coming weeks, we have a chance change that.
> We’ll be sending tens of thousands of letters and calls to
> legislators, bringing clergy to Capitol Hill to meet with their
> Senators and Representatives, telling the stories of innocent
> people attacked or killed by hate violence, and putting a media
> spotlight on this issue. We’re not going to miss this
> opportunity.
> Time is tight. But, with a fair-minded majority in Congress, the
> time is right.
> Tell your representative to vote for the Local Law Enforcement
> Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Click here:
> Together we can make sure this landmark legislation brings the
> change we’ve needed for years. Thanks for your help.
> Warmly,
> Joe Solmonese
> President
> ****************************
> OUR STORIES: Ryan Keith Skipper
> Ryan Keith Skipper, a 25-year-old gay man from Polk County,
> Florida was brutally murdered on March 13. His body was found
> early the next day on the side of a dirt road in Wahneta,
> Florida. According to police reports, Ryan was stabbed at least
> 20 times and his car and a laptop computer were stolen.
> The Sheriff’s office is classifying the murder as an anti-gay
> hate crime. Witnesses say that the two suspects that have been
> charged in Ryan’s murder drove his bloody car around and bragged
> to their friends about savagely killing him.
> Click here to protect people like Ryan – demand a federal law
> against ALL hate crimes:
> ****************************
> (c) 2007 Human Rights Campaign
> 1640 Rhode Island Ave., N.W.
> Washington, D.C. 20036-3278
> Phone: 202/628-4160 TTY: 202/216-1572 Fax: 202/347-5323
> ****************************
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> Campaign list, or update your account settings, you can visit
> your Subscription Management Page:


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