Oregon and Gay families

I am pretty happy to be in Oregon right now since their State House just passed two pieces of legislation.  One would allow us to form legal relationships and the other would put gays and lesbians into Oregon’s nondiscrimination law.  It passed 34-26, with three Republicans joining the correct side. 

One act, the Oregon Equality Act states:


The Oregon Equality Act would amend the state’s non-discrimination laws to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing, employment, public accommodation, education and public services statewide.

If found it interesting that Rep. Brad Witt, a Democrat had to wonder why the state is still dealing with civil rights and debating whether some groups should have them or not.  He also said:

"Rational human beings do not choose lifetimes of intolerance and discrimination."

He obviously never met Peter LaBarbera or Stacy Harp–they both have spent their adult lives choosing intolerance and discrimination.  Well, I guess that means they aren’t rational, and I don’t think I ever said they were…


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