Alan Chambers and Exodus will have Blood on their Hands…

I am on an email list of some gay bloggers.  I just received an email about some of what Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus, is still saying about Hate Crime Legislation.  What he has to say represents Exodus, an anti-gay, ex-gay group.  What a foul group that bunch is to be lying and using scare tactics to keep gays and lesbians off the hate crime legislation.  Here is some of what President Chambers had to say (and just keep in mind that he is not an ex-gay because he still has homosexual desires and he also pointed out that Change is not possible, despite the fact that their slogan is Change is Possible):

By the way, Chambers never wrote me back.  A friend emailed me to say that his father and mother were both in the hospital, but I guess that wouldn’t keep him from flying to Washington to peddle his lies and hate and self-loathing…


"[R]eally what we’re saying is this legislation is unfair, because it means that I was more valuable as a homosexual than I am today as a former homosexual," Chambers told reporters before he began visiting on Capitol Hill April 17. "You know, this law would give special protection to those who are gay and lesbian, yet it doesn’t give any protection to those who are children. That’s saying that a gay man is more valuable than a child, is more valuable than a grandmother, is more valuable than the majority of Americans. That’s just not fair."
The bill is "primarily being pushed by those in the homosexual activist community, really as a reinforcement that homosexuality is valid, that they need protection, and that’s just not the case," said Chambers, who left homosexuality 15 years ago and has been married for more than nine years. "[Homosexuals are] protected as much as I am protected under the Fourteenth Amendment."


Chambers said even some friends of Exodus in Congress are having a difficult time voting against the measure.
"They don’t want to make it sound like they are voting for violence," he said.
"The tide is against us," Chambers said. "I believe that this is a great opportunity for us to share the truth … about freedom, the truth about this bill and really to reinforce the fact that hate crimes legislation is unnecessary — for one reason, the FBI uniform crime report has shown that bias-motivated crimes are on the decrease. Crimes against those who are gay, or who are perceived to be gay, have decreased over the last several years. So it seems like in a free and tolerant society where Americans are beginning to learn to treat their neighbor like they’d like to be treated, we’re seeing a decrease in some of these crimes. And that’s a good thing."

People who use this type of logic are idiots, if you ask my humble opinion.  Just because race is a protected category does not mean that I am more valuable than someone else of another race.  Special protection?  This comes from a guy who claims to be a christian.  The granny story is just a ploy.  And just to make it clear, Chambers did not ‘leave homosexuality.’  He make an effort to stop acting on who he is. However, his homosexual desires prove he is still gay, or same-sex attracted as those at Exodus like to say in their mumbo-jumbo.  What he also didn’t say here, and what he said on Montel WIlliams, is that it took him nine months to have sex with his wife, because they had to figure out all the mechanics of the process (yes, that is what he said–I’m not making this up). 

I feel sorry for him, but only just a bit.  I think everyone who looks at people like Chambers feels sorry for his self-hatred and self-loathing.  Why else spend your adult life going around making life difficult for gays and lesbians, when you are gay or lesbian yourself?


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