Global Warming Smackdown

A couple of weeks ago James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer and a number of others wrote a letter to the National Association of Evangelicals (the same group that was run by Ted Haggard).  They were complaining that the vice president of that group, Rich Cizik, was making a big deal out of global warming.  They called for his resignation, even though these characters are not members of the NAE. 

Today Cheryl (Doug’s mom) handed me a magazine called Sojourners Magazine.  The first article is written by its editor, Jim Wallis.  He complains about this group and its ignoring of what is obvious–that global warming is real.  He states:

In their letter, the conservative leaders claimed "The existence of global warming and its implications for mankind [sic] is a subject of heated controversy throughout the world."  The truth, which almost everyone except them acknowledges, is there is little reasonable doubt left about the threat posed to the earth by climate change…

So instead of calling for Cizik’s resignation for saying global warming should be a moral issue for evangelical Christians, why don’t Dobson and his friends accept a real debate on whether climate change is, indeed, one of the great moral issues of our time?

Wallis also brings up the fact that 30,000 children will die globally today (!) from hunger and disease.  Shouldn’t that, he asked, be a great moral issue for evangelical Christians? He lists a number of other things that Dobson, Perkins, Bauer and others ignore in their push for ‘families’ and ‘family values. 

Wallis also challenged Dobson to debate him in public about this issue and he states that so far six Christian colleges have offered to host it.  Who wants to bet money that this will never happen?

Anyway, good for Wallis for publishing this in his magazine which is about social justice.  What Wallis didn’t mention, but he probably already knows, is that the Dobsons and the Perkins of this world will not get the money they need to fund their junkets and their lifestyles if they concentrate on global warming.  It is better to scare people and lie about gays and hate crimes rather than work on the health of this planet, which is something they can read about in Genesis.  We are all stewards of this earth.  However, Dobson and Perkins and Bauer and the rest of them can only read selective passages…


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