Teachers with Guns?

Today in the Register Guard (Eugene) there was an editorial by a man who thinks the solution to the shootings at Virginia Tech is not to get the guns off the street.  The solution is to arm teachers and select students!  I couldn’t believe it.  There would be no way I would carry a gun into a classroom just on the one-in-a-million chance of a shooter making his/her way onto campus.  I would think the better alternative would be a ban these semi-automatic hand guns.  But no one seems to want to talk about gun control.  The NRA has the politicians in their pockets, so it really is a dead issue.  San Franciscans voted to not allow guns in the city, and the courts blocked it.  So next time something like this happens, maybe send a note to Charleton Heston thanking him for the right to bear any arms anyone feels like.  It is, after all, our constitutional right to carry them, at least if I am part of a militia… 


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