A Call from Fred Fag

I just talked to Doug and today the police department (at least we think that is who is was) called three times asking for money for something.  On the third call Doug asked them not to call again.  The guy on the other end said it didn’t matter what we wanted, and he will keep calling.  Doug then asked him his name and he said Fred.  Doug then asked his last name and he said Fag.  Fred Fag then claimed the call was breaking up and he hung up on Doug. 

I was pissed off, to say the least.  So I just sent an email to their Public Affairs Office.  I just checked our phone records and unfortunately all it says is ‘unknown.’  But it can’t be too hard to check their records to see who called our phone number at 3:46 today.  I am also going to contact the Gay and Lesbian center in San Francisco.  I’m sure they can put some pressure on the police department to find out who called our house and harassed Doug.  Here is my email:


To whom it may concern,

My partner was contacted three times today about fundraising for the San Francisco police department.  On the last call he told the male caller not to call again, but he was told that the police department would keep calling regardless of whether we wanted to be contacted.  My partner, Dr. Douglas M. then asked for the name of the caller.  He told him his first name was Fred.  Doug asked him his last name and he was told it was Fag.  ‘Fred Fag’ then told Doug that the call was breaking up and he hung up.  This call was made at 3:46 pm today (Tuesday April 24). 

Both of us were shocked.  Could someone please contact me about this fundraising and I would specifically like to put in a complaint against this person.  I imagine it would be pretty easy to find out who called our telephone number at 3:46 today.  That person is not fit to be calling about fundraising and this gives the police department a bad name.  It will also not help fundraising if you have such homophobic people calling and asking for money. 

You can certainly contact me by email.


Dr. Kevin Kaatz

I imagine I will get some response, but I can already guess what it will say…

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