Good News from Oregon

I just read in the Register Guard that anti-gay groups will not be trying to stop the two proposed pieces of legislation aimed at making life more fair for gays and lesbians.  It means that they will not be seeking a referendum to turn back what the governor is almost certain to sign.  It is hard to believe that is the case, but that is what some are claiming.   They give three reasons for not doing this:


• The Legislature provided an opportunity for public input before sending the bill to Gov. Ted Kulongoski for his signature.

• The organization was busily engaged in defending that gay-marriage ban, 2004’s Measure 36, against legal challenges.


• The Legislature dealt with the organization’s chief issue with SB 2 – that religious freedoms would be infringed upon.

However, the real reason is that it would never pass in a referendum since a clear majority approve of gays and lesbians having civil rights.  A referendum that shows this would not be in their best interests.  Maybe the tide is turning and it is time for these anti-gay, anti-civil rights groups to shut up shop.  What they will probably do is move on to another move lucrative project…

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