Republican Hypocrisy at its Very Best

God, when will people realize that those in the current regime are just crooks and liars?  The latest scandal is one that I would have to say is not surprising in the least.  Randall Tobias, the Head of the US Agency for International Development quit the other day for what he terms ‘personal reasons.’  What were these reasons?  He was involved in that prostitution ring in Washington D.C.

The good family values man, who called numerous prostitutes, is married. He was also the AIDS Czar.  This is what he also did while being Czar:


In 2003 Bush appointed Tobias as the first global AIDS coordinator.  For three years he promoted abstinence over the use of condoms, and fidelity in traditional marriage, to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and was blamed for tying abstinence programs to aid to foreign countries.

His agency also funneled money to faith-based groups that not only preached abstinence, faithfulness, and denounced sex between men or ignored male-on-male sex altogether in AIDS educational programs.

I guess promoting abstinence, fidelity in traditional marriage, faithfulness and tying abstinence doesn’t necessarily mean that the one promoting it has to actually be abstinent or be faithful to his spouse, now does it???

What a lying, cheating hypocrite.  But as I said before, this comes as no big surprise…

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