Guy Adams is Back–ValuesUSA

Well, it didn’t take long for ‘sex-with-babies’ Guy Adams to pop his head out from under the rock he has been hiding under to form a new group–oddly enough called Values USA.  Not surprisingly the first line of this hatesite (besides a bible quote) is "Gen. Pace was right:  homosexuality IS immoral."  So guess what Guy Adams is once again fixating his attention on?

  I’m sure you remember Guy Adams–he went to a Pride celebration in Chicago and stated that the new trend among homosexuals was sex with babies.  He has a number of interesting friends either from his past or who he now links to: 

1)  His good friend Stacy Harp broadcast this horrible man’s statements.  She then apologized and then the following day deleted her entire blog and started over.  Which was at least the second time she erased her sordid past only to start up yet another one…

2)  Scott Lively, the man who claims the Nazis were all homosexuals and that the holocaust was because of that.  Scott Lively is a good friend of that homohater Ken Hutcherson, the faux-Christian and faux-special envoy to the White House.

3)  Gary Bauer, failed presidential candidate and longtime homohater.

4)  Peter LaBarbera.  Well, you all know him–not too much point in reiterating the fact that this man has spent his entire adult life trying to stop the ‘homosexual agenda.’

5)  Ted Pike, who is someone I hadn’t heard of before, but I think I’ll have to start reading what he writes.  It isn’t any different to anything else this crowd of friends that Guy Adams has, but it could be interesting.  He is another one of those liars about hate crimes.  Here is a good example taken from his website (along with the text):







His hatesite is ironically titled truthtellers…


6)  My favorite–Debra J.M. Smith.  If you look at her website, it looks amazingly like this new one by Guy Adams (including links to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights).

You can also check out all his ‘allies’–they are the usual suspects of the homohating crowd. 


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