An Award for one of the stupidest comments I have yet heard about Hate Crimes

I just read at OneNewsNow (it used to be Agape Press–I guess they figured that love had nothing to do with what they were doing…) about a woman that I have heard of before:  Janet Folger.  She runs a group called Faith 2 Action.  She, along with others who lie constantly over the hate crime legislation, is still saying this is a thought crime.  And her statement:


"Mike is standing at a football bar, or he’s standing at a restaurant, watching a game," she posits; "Bruce comes out of the restroom, and he’s touching up his makeup. He’s a cross-dresser with red-nail polish and a five o’clock shadow. He comes out and hits on Mike. Maybe he puts his arm around him or maybe he brushes or puts his hand through his hair."

The average man would "maybe want to push off such unwelcome advances," Folger observes. However, she warns, "That, if you touch him, is a hate crime.

Hahahaha.  Well, at least you can see that what she says (it is a thought crime) is different from what she just described.  Maybe Janet Folger actually tried to read the legislation.  For one thing, being a cross-dresser is not a sexual orientation.  There are plenty of straight men that seem to like to wear women’s clothes.  And you have to wonder what kind of football bar or restaurant ‘Mike’ would be in…  Secondly, she is not describing a hate crime.  The ‘average man’ should just say he isn’t interested.  What would be a hate crime is if Mike took a baseball bat later and bashed Bruce’s skull open because Mike thought that he was gay.  But touching him?  Hardly.  This woman runs a group that put out that horrible Hate Crime coupon.  Thirdly, what I find most funny is that this woman seems to be running some type of ministry–didn’t she read the Bible and aren’t women supposed to shut up and not teach men about Biblical things?  (Of course I say that purely for the benefit of Janet Folger–I personally believe that women can make better priests than men…).


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