Hate Crimes–and the lies go on…

I haven’t blogged about Peter LaBarbera for a while.  He gets old after a while, since he has absolutely nothing new to say.  He is still obsessed with all things gay and lesbian. Yesterday he cut and pasted (as usual–who ever thought it would be so easy to run a non-profit like that!) and article he titled:


Singer Dennis Jernigan: as FORMER Homosexual, ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill Would Make Him of ‘Less Value’ under Law

(Notice that ‘former’ is in all capital letters–I guess Peter is trying to make a point…).  Anyway, I don’t know who this Dennis Jernigan is, but obviously he either accepts the lies put out there by the fundamentalists, or he lies himself.  He is very upset about the Hate Crime legislation being passed by the House.  And why?  Because he lies about it being ‘thought crimes.’  Good god, do these people know how to read?  Do they know how to think for themselves?  Here is a bit of what he had to say (I have bolded and underlined some of it):


“I was able to come to a level of freedom the homosexual community never told me was possible,” says Jernigan. “Yet, through faith in God, I successfully walked out of that way of thinking and have met thousands of other men and women who have done the same. What about our civil liberties? To pass such a bill as H.R. 1592 is to invoke fear that I could be prosecuted for my religious beliefs and speech.
Jernigan goes on to say that he fears for his nine children and their families in the days ahead should such legislation pass. “To lose one of our most basic rights, that of free speech, is to strip away what it means to be an American. Homosexuals already enjoy the same rights as all other Americans when it concerns the punishment of criminal acts against them. This legislation seeks to bestow special treatment upon a very small portion of our society. If this bill passes, Congress is telling me that I and countless others who have discovered they don’t have to be homosexual are of less value now than when we were living as homosexuals.  If we look down the road of this slippery slope, this legislation would actually pave the way to make it a criminal offense to think differently than someone else or to have religious convictions that are opposed to this politically correct ideology.  Do we really want such thoughts to be illegal?

“I strongly support President Bush’s expected veto of this bill, and I implore the Congress to take a stand for what’s right and protect my freedom to not be homosexual – as well as my freedom to be able to talk about it openly.”

God, can’t these people think of something new to say?  You could substitute the name of Dennis Jernigan with Randy Thomas and you wouldn’t know the difference.  And here we go again–he talks about free speech but this guy, like the rest of them, are using fear (which he claims he has!) to say this is about to take away free speech.  All I can say is:  what an idiot.  I am totally sick of people like this. Notice that Jernigan thinks that homosexuals are now better than he is–he didn’t say that, as a (faux) Christian that he is better than non Christians, since according to his logic this is what the hate crime legislation is all about. 

Maybe Jernigan is regretting his decision to ‘turn ex-gay’ and sees what a life he could have had.  He says that the ‘homosexual community’ never told him about ‘freedom’, but like all the rest of these ex-gays, he was never part of a gay community.  If you read his ‘testimony,’ you will see that Satan did this to him and Satan did that to him and God called him to do this.  He believes that he is incapable of free will.  He came out (if you can call it that) in 1981 and was married to a woman in 1983. That isn’t very much time to be an expert on the gay community–and how could he be?  He was never part of a gay community.  He made wrong decisions (or Satan made him to the wrong thing).  He never gave himself a chance to be happy. Anyway, that isn’t my concern.  My concern is with these constant lies that are spread by people like LaBarbera.

I also see that like all the others who see that their messages of hate are not getting through, Jernigan anticipates that it will be passed in the Senate and then off to Bush. 

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