We have Compost!

For years now I have wanted to become an organic farmer.  I get my love of gardening from my grandfather.  I’ve never had the chance to do it, let alone even have a compost pile.  I usually end up planting some things and this house is the first one where I have had just a bit of room to do something.  I was pretty happy to see that there was a compost bin here, so last year I started putting all of our kitchen waste in it.  I stopped doing in in February because I wanted to use it, if it worked.  The day before yesterday I went to look at it and hopefully use it.  I was expecting a big, stinky mess but when I got was 6, 5 gallon buckets of beautiful, black compost.  I spread it all over the front.  I was pretty happy since I wasn’t sure what to expect.  When I was at Doug’s parents we emptied the compost bin on the strawberry patch and it made me want to check ours. 

So yesterday I went to Clement Street and bought three cherry tomato plants and a large bag of dirt.  I thought I would help the soil along by adding some good stuff to it.  I dug the wholes, put a bunch of compost down in the bottom, added four two-fisted handfuls of potting soil, mixed it up and put the tomatoes in the holes.  I used my tomato cages from last year and I had a bit of bark left that I put around them since it dries out very quickly.  The tomatoes should be very happy.  I also put the compost around the mint and the blackberry bush and today added some of the potting soil as well. 

I didn’t quite empty out the compost bin–I think I could have gotten another bucket out of it, but I thought I would leave a bit in as starter for the new stuff.  Since we built a new brick composter at Doug’s parents, I’ll be getting the plastic bin that they were using.  I made some space for it today out back.

Here are some pictures of the new tomatoes and as soon as I went inside, the doves that hang around and sometimes sleep in the garden were back pecking at all that good dirt.  You can’t quite see all three tomatoes because of that giant calla Lilly.  This year I am going to move that to somewhere else since it is getting too big and sits right in the walkway!

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