This is what Christianity is Represented by???

I was just at Pam’s House Blend and she put up a link to a video of more faux-christians.  Although, maybe ‘faux’ is no the right word.  Regardless of what the correct word is for people like this, this is what gays and lesbians have to deal with and these are the people who are trying to take away our rights or keep us from getting equal rights.  Here is what Pam has to say about them:


I’m not sure which is more embarrassing — the normal fundie ignorance, or the fact that these people are likely products of the American public school system (and they vote).

And make sure you pay attention to the guy in the black and white stripe shirt.  $10 bucks to anyone who can tell me what he means when he manages to spit out a couple of words in English…


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