The Weekend

Our friends Kevin and Steve arrived at our place on Friday night.  We’ve been having a good time. Yesterday there was the Asian Street festival and we headed down there.  Here is the only picture I took of it, and it is from far away.  The white tents are where the street fair was:

Here is a bit of the Moscone Center–I really liked the flag colors (I don’t know if they are the Pride colors or not):

Here is a show of downtown.  The building with the circular roof is part of the Modern Art Museum.  The building to the left is the place we stayed in when we first arrived back from Australia:

We then walked down to the Embarkadero Center and San Francisco Bay.  There was a really neat sculpture:

Here is Kevin and Steve:

There were some pretty nice mosaics in the Ferry Building:

Today the brunch went well.  We ate all the frittatas, and nearly all the muffins/scones, so that was good.  The four of us are going out to dinner tonight and not sure what we are up to later.

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