Moscow Gay Pride Attacks

This is a pretty horrible video, but it shows the level of hatred shown to gays and lesbians by a group of ‘good christians’ in Moscow.  You should also know that these ‘christians’ teamed up with neo-nazis, just like the ‘christians’ in Texas teamed up with the KKK to vote down gay marriage in that state.  I’ve read reports of this gay pride ‘parade’ and they did not arrest those attacking, just those who were gay.  And don’t ever forget that the disgusting talk by people like Peter LaBarbera, Stacy Harp, Dobson, Perkins and the rest of the anti-gay crowd leads to violence like this.  This is why a majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle are for hate crime legislation.

One day soon our society will not tolerate the views that LaBarbera and Harp and others like them hold for gays and lesbians, any more than it now tolerates racist views.  The good always wins in the end.

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