Ann Arbor–Some good news with the Bad

Well, after talking about California and the Assembly passing the gay marriage bill, I see that my home state of Michigan is moving even further backwards into the stone age (or at least the 1960’s when everything was bright and cheery…).  The Ann Arbor School District has decided that it won’t give same-sex benefits to newly hired people.  Right now there are only 15–yes, just 15–same sex couples received domestic partner benefits. 

The sad thing is that Ann Arbor is a great place.  It is the most liberal part of Michigan. There is a big gay population.  The university is there.  Why did they cave in so easily? 

Part of it is the dreaded Gary Glenn–the person who was found guilty of voter fraud just a few years ago and then moved to Michigan to be part of the American Family Association.  This is a guy who moves from one state to the next trying to make gays and lesbians as miserable as possible.  Too bad for Michigan.  But, as I’ve said before, we will win in the end.  Gary Glenn’s name will go down the same tube as Peter LaBarbera and Stacy Harp and all the rest of the anti-gay activists.  At some point in the future I am going to write a book about these people so that they are not forgotten when history looks back on the gay and lesbian struggle as they do at the black struggle in this country.


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