Stacy Harp–Her most current hate statement

Today Stacy Harp copies a bit of news from Israel–that relates to gay human rights:


Israel’s Knesset on Wednesday voted in favor of two bills that would severely curtail the homosexual community’s ability to flaunt their perverse lifestyle before the rest of the country.

The first bill would provide the Jerusalem City Council the authority to ban any public event that would offend public sensitivities in the holy city. Israel’s homosexual community has been trying for more than a year to hold a gay “pride” parade in the capital.

The second bill calls for banning mass homosexual public events anywhere in Israel.

Both bills passed their first reading by a large margin, but must now go through two additional readings before passing into law.

Gay community leaders called the bills an assault on democracy in Israel.

So what words of wisdom does Stacy Harp give on this bit of news (that isn’t law yet, by the way):

…may the USA follow in Israel’s footsteps.

I am a pretty nice guy.  I don’t mind having decent discussions with people on a variety of issues, and especially on gay and lesbian human rights.  I try my best to discuss things rationally and calmly (although I will be the first to admit that sometimes I have a hard time doing that when someone calls me a sodomite!).  The main reason I do this is because I think I might have some effect on these people.  Maybe if they could see gay people as people, then their minds would possibly change, or at least they would quit calling for violence or the institution hate policies.  But Stacy’s one line comment makes me realize that she is really lost.  From her statement, she wants gays and lesbians to go back into the closet.  She wants us to pretend we are not who we are.  She also supports the blocking of all gay pride festivities in this country.  She states she is a counselor, but what kind of a counselor supports this?

"May the U.S. follow in Israel’s footsteps"?   What Stacy doesn’t realize is that by supporting these proposed legislation, she opens her own beloved religion to the same hate that she herself spews.  Do you think the Israelis want Christians running around proselytizing to Jews (as she most recently did in her trip to Israel)?  Do you think they want Christians controlling some parts of their ‘holy’ city?  What does she think would ‘offend public sensitivities’ in Israel more than that?  Not only will this proposed legislation not permit gay people to be gay and open about it, it could block any religion other than Judaism to have a public face.  It would most certainly block any type of Muslim festivities, or marches on civil rights for all people (including the Palestinians). 

Maybe Stacy will get her wish for Israel, but I am not going to stand by and let her get her wish here for the U.S.


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